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Lync 2013: How to Customize Conferencing Attendant Prompts

Disclaimer: I am not sure that this is a supported change to Lync 2013.  However, there are times as IT pros when we’re asked to make such changes.  I am documenting my experience here.

Update 10/7/2014: As Richard pointed out in the comments, there is a supported MSI which performs a similar task with three of the audio prompts.  I have modified the title to reflect this. To use your own voice or modify additional prompts, this blog post still applies. I cannot imagine you would run into trouble performing this procedure.  I want to thank Richard specifically for pointing this out and providing a link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=42560

I have been asked by a larger client of mine to make a production change to their Lync 2013  pools.  They wish to modify the audio that is heard when a call is made into Lync dial-in conference to match the voice that is heard throughout their automated attendants and other prompts.

This was a feature previously supported by OCS 2007 R2 as can be seen in the following link: http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/961177.  Knowing that there’s documentation for OCS 2007 R2, I feel comfortable making the change.  However, I also expect that any time we patch the system, there is a risk that these audio files will be overwritten.  We should be careful to check to see if the files were altered or modified in any way during each patch cycle.

The audio files can be found in the following directories:

  • %Programfiles%\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Application Host\Applications\Conferencing Attendant\Media\EN-US (or your regional language)
  • %Programfiles%\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Application Host\Applications\Conferencing Attendant\Media\Music

This client is solely located within the United States, and as such, I was only concerned with the EN-US directory, however this change equally applies to all other languages.

Per the OCS TechNet article referenced above,  I was able to record the files using the following format (or at least close enough):

  • Windows Media Audio (WMA) file format
  • 16-bit mono
  • 48 kbps 2-pass CBR (constant bit rate)
  • Speech level at -24DB

After making a backup of the original files, one server in the pool at a time I replaced the files as noted in the article.  What isn’t mentioned in the article is that with Lync 2013, you will need to restart the “Lync Server Conferencing Attendant” service before the changes take effect.  Once complete, you should be able to call in and verify the audio has been successfully replaced.  You are free to move on to the next pool if you have one.

For your reference, a transcription of all of the US English audio files can be found below.

FilenameAudio Transcription
BWMGMT_CAA_AVMCUFAIL.wmaSorry, all circuits are busy, please try again.
JOIN_AUTH_AUTHFAIL.wmaSorry, that phone number and pin don't match.
JOIN_AUTH_ENTERFULLPH.wmaPlease enter your full phone number starting with the country code.
JOIN_AUTH_ENTERPH.wmaTo identify yourself, please enter your extension or full phone number followed by a #.
JOIN_AUTH_ENTERPIN.wmaPlease enter your pin, and then press #.
JOIN_AUTH_ORGANIZER.wmaIf you scheduled this meeting, please enter your pin now. If you've been designated as a meeting leader, please press * again.
JOIN_AUTH_ORGAUTHFAIL.wmaSorry, the pin that you entered does not match the meeting organizer's pin.
JOIN_AUTH_PINEXPIRED.wmaSorry, your pin has expired. Please wait if you would like to join without being the leader. To reset your pin, you need to click on the link in your email invatation.
JOIN_AUTH_PINLOCKED.wmaSorry, your pin has been locked. Please wait if you would like to join without being the leader. To reset your pin, you need to click the link in your email invitation.
JOIN_AUTH_PINNOTSET.wmaSorry, your pin hasn't been set up yet. Please wait if you would like to join without being the leader. To set up your pin, you need to click on the link in your email invitation.
JOIN_CONFNOTFOUND.wmaSorry, I can't find a meeting with that number. Try entering your conference ID again and then press #.
JOIN_ENTERCONFID.wmaPlease enter a conference ID, and then press #.
JOIN_FAIL_DISCONNECT.wmaSorry, no current meeting matches that information. Please contact the meeting leader for assistance. Goodbye.
JOIN_FAIL_NOTADMITTED.wmaSorry, you cannot be admitted to the meeting at this time. Please contact the meeting leader for assistance. Goodbye.
JOIN_FAIL_TRANSFER.wmaSorry, I can't seem to connect you to your meeting right now. Please try your call again later. Goodbye.
JOIN_FAIL_TRYANONYMOUS.wmaSorry, I cannot retrieve your information at the moment. Please wait while I try to join you to the meeting anonymously.
JOIN_FAIL_VALIDATE.wmaSorry, I'm having trouble accessing the system right now. Please try your call again. Goodbye.
JOIN_HOLDINGPEN_ENTERING.wmaThe leader has not yet joined the meeting. Please wait for the leader to admit you to the meeting. Thank you for your patience.
JOIN_IFLEADERAUTH.wmaIf you’re the leader, please press * now.
JOIN_JOINING_ANONYMOUS.wmaYou are now joining the meeting as an unknown participant.
JOIN_JOINING_GENERAL.wmaYou are now joining the meeting.
JOIN_JOINING_PRESENTER.wmaYou are now joining the meeting as a leader.
JOIN_LANG_PRESS1.wmaTo continue in English, press 1.
JOIN_LANG_PRESS2.wmaFor English, press 2.
JOIN_LANG_PRESS3.wmaFor English, press 3.
JOIN_LANG_PRESS4.wmaFor English, press 4.
JOIN_LANG_PRESS5.wmaFor English, press 5.
JOIN_LOBBY_ENTERING.wmaPlease wait for the leader to admit you to the meeting. Thank you for your patience.
JOIN_LOBBY_TIMEOUT.wmaThe leader has not yet activated the meeting, or the wait time has been exceeded. You can try again later, or you might ask the organizer whether your meeting was cancelled. We apologize for the inconvinience. Goodbye.
JOIN_NEEDSAUTH.wmaThe leader has restricted this meeting's access to identified participants.
JOIN_NEEDSAUTH_LOCKED.wmaThe leader has locked this meeting.
JOIN_NOINPUT.wmaSorry, I didn't get that.
JOIN_PASSCODE_ENTER.wmaPlease enter your passcode and then press #.
JOIN_PASSCODE_INVALID.wmaSorry, I can't find a meeting with that passcode. Try entering your passcode again, and then press #.
JOIN_WAITFORLOBBY.wmaOtherwise, wait on the line for a leader to admit you.
JOIN_WELCOME.wmaWelcome to the audio conferencing center. Please enter a conference ID, followed by #.
RECNAME_RECORDING_REQUEST.wmaAfter the tone, please record your name and then press #. *ding*