How do I set a policy to disable toll free conference use in Microsoft Teams?

If you’re here, it’s likely because you tried out a toll free number for Audio Conferencing in Microsoft Teams, it applied to all users, and you were charged way more than you had anticipated. Now you’re looking to control costs and turn it off via policy so that only select users can have it. Spoiler: There’s no policy (as of 9/29/2020 at least), it’s user by user so we’ll need to script it.


But we want to turn it off for everyone, then turn it back on for a few people. That’s going to require PowerShell. We’ll be using the commands Get-CSOnlineDialInConferencingUser and Set-CSOnlineDialinConferencingUser.

A fun thing about these commands, you can’t simply pipe one into the other as the Identity field is formatted differently. If you try a simple Get-CSOnlineDialinConferencingUser | Set-CSOnlineDialinConferencingUser You’ll end up with a bunch of errors saying “WARNING: The user cannot be found or does not belong to the specified tenant”. However, in most cases, the identity of the Set-CSOnlineDialinConferencingUser matches the SIP Address from the Get- command minus the “sip:” portion. That’s easy enough to remove with the below command.

Get-CSOnlineDialinConferencingUser -resultsize unlimited | foreach {Set-CSOnlineDialinConferencingUser -identity ($_.SipAddress).substring(4) -AllowTollFreeDialin $false} 

The only thing that’s missing is that all new users will still need to have it disabled until a policy does arrive, which I expect we’ll see shortly.

If we just want to hide the Toll Free number, there’s another option…

If you only need to modify one or two offenders, the easiest way is through the Admin Console, find the user, click Edit next to Audio conferencing and set “Include toll-free numbers in meeting requests from this user” to Off.