In Preview! Teams Meetings Live Captions is Here!

Oooooo I’ve been waiting for this one forever! I fell in love with this tech years ago when we saw it first with Skype for Business Broadcast Meetings. Now we have it with every meeting in Teams. Live Captions (what you may think of as closed captioning) in in preview and has hit my tenant.

I love this feature for several reasons, not only because I’m a lousy multitasker and like to reread what was said if I look away for a moment, but also because there are a lot of meetings where I’m simply not a presenter, the content isn’t critical to me, and I’d rather read along that wear my headphones. I can only imagine this being huge for the hard of hearing and can’t wait to see it translate into other languages as I expect it will some day.

It’s super easy to enable, just click the ellipsis (…) in a meeting and turn it on. You can disable this for your users via policy, but… why? Anyhow, run and check your tenants and see if the feature has hit yours yet.