What is Meetings First for Skype for Business?

You may be asking, “How do I move my Skype for Business Server meetings to the cloud?” But what does this mean and what does it look like for Skype 2015 and 2019?

In simple terms, this is called “Meetings First” and while it does move our meeting workloads to the cloud, it moves them into Teams. Years ago, if I recall as early as 2015, we were told we’d be able to leverage cloud meetings with Skype for Business Server 2015 and I’ve been waiting eagerly forever. I tend to work with clients in the mid-market who don’t always have enough phone lines to support large conferences. Buying more doesn’t always make sense either so leveraging Microsoft’s cloud would be a no-brainer.

But… it moves them into Teams, not Skype. I actually really like this approach, for one, Skype for Business Online is retiring anyway so allowing it there would be very short term, but two Teams meetings are FAR superior.

To enable this, each user would need to be licensed in the cloud for Microsoft Teams, and optionally if they want a dial-in number, an Audio Conferencing license. Next, their Microsoft Teams mode would eed to be set to SFBWithTeamsCollabAndMeetings. This mode basically means that IM and calls go to Skype for Business, but Teams can be used for Teams and channels as well as meetings.

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