New Teams Stuff (September)

We’ve got another bunch of announced feature releases for Microsoft Teams this month, and for those following me, allow me to collab with you on some of my thoughts. Here are the ones of special interest to me (mostly because I’m a voice guy)…

Chat Filtering

Thank you Microsoft! This was getting out of hand. We can now filter chats from the desktop client.


More stuff in Cloud Voicemail

Cloud Voicemail ain’t Unified Messaging. I still miss the rules I could create, it was like a mini Automated Attendant just for me. That said, the new enhancements make up for it a little. We can now directly transfer to voicemail from the client, and in the Teams client settings we can configure call answering rules, customize the greetings including OOF, and the like.

Chromium Calling

We had video, now we can use Chromium based browsers to make phone calls, this is REALLY close to parity… Not sure what else we’re missing, but not much I use regularly at this point.

Reverse Number Lookup

Finally, Teams will display the telco provided display name (CNAM) or if they’re in Azure AD, it will display that.

Meet Now Button

Last item of the most interest to me, we’ve now got a Meet Now button, which I missed from the Skype client.