New Cool Teams Features for June

Microsoft announced a slew of new features for Teams today, I wanted to take a moment and jot down some of my thoughts on the ones I’m excited about.

Single Toolbar for Meetings

Out with the old multiple buttons at the bottom and upper right for meeting controls, in with a new single toolbar for full control. I love this one, but I spend a lot of my day in meetings. It’s cleaner and easier.

This is old.
This is new.

Avoid conflicts of interest with Information Barriers

To be honest, I haven’t played with this much yet. Basically it allows you to keep one set of users from talking to another. I believe it requires E5 for the people being walled (ex. the CEO who doesn’t want constant IMs of ideas for improvement from the IT staff). Known as an ethical wall, this was a big request in Lync and Skype and one that I’d use MSPL scripting to pull off. Thankfully no MSPL scripting required.

Video Calling in Chromium

Big enhancement, Chrome and Chromium based browsers can do video calling without using the full Teams client. We’re edging closer and closer to parity there.

Let me know what you think of these features too, or some of the others I didn’t mention.