Live Events Now GA in Teams!

This one was easy to miss, in fact I don’t feel it’s terribly obvious to find in your client. Live Meetings, which is similar to the old Skype Broadcast Meetings is now GA. This tech is for large events up to 10k participants (though I presume much like Broadcast Meetings that’s not a hard limit and it can handle much higher).

Some notes on this, there are finite presenters, those presenters can share their desktop and video from their Teams client. The presenters can also call in as if joining a regular meeting, however attendees will not have the ability to call in, they will need to use their PC audio. Attendees can use a web client or Teams to view the event live, or pause\rewind with DVR like capabilities. Similar to Broadcast Meetings, once it’s started and completed, that’s it, no restarts or do-overs, you’ll need a new meeting.

Live captioning and translation are in preview and looking pretty cool, but there are a limited number of languages supported at the moment. We’ve got Q&A and engagement reports, and easy viewing of the view for your presenters and attendees after the fact (you get a link, no need to figure out where to host it).

Presentations can be via invite only, available to anyone in your organization, or the general public.

More info and features here.