Call Forwarding Added Back to Skype for Business for iOS

In my previous article: I noted that many features were removed from the Lync iOS application for iPhone and iPad when it was upgraded to the Skype for Business application.  One of my most used features, call forwarding, was pulled.  This feature has now been officially put back in place.


As you can see, it’s where you would expect it to be below.  This is a very welcome re-addition to the application, but I feel, and Microsoft I believe understands, that there’s still a long way to go.  In the new “mobile first” world, I also feel we’re a bit behind in this department.



I’m still patiently waiting for my second most used feature, PowerPoint sharing, to be added back in.  At the moment, we can use desktop sharing instead.  However, if the presenter isn’t one who works with your firm, asking for them to switch to desktop sharing for their slide deck can be embarrassing.


Once we’re back on par with some of the features we had in the past, I’m excited to see some added new functionality.  I’m hoping to see seamless transfers of audio between the smartphone and other clients and more feature parity with the full client (including e911).

Let me know your thoughts as well, but remember, real feedback should go to Microsoft at

6 thoughts on “Call Forwarding Added Back to Skype for Business for iOS

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  3. Umapathy


    I am having some issues with the call forwarding only in the iOS. asked the same in skype support site, the answers did not fix the issue. Can you help me fix it? The calls does not forwarded. It drops.

    1. C. Anthony Caragol Post author

      I would suggest posting in the TechNet forums, you’re more likely to get help from multiple people there. But otherwise, there’s not many settings you can tweak on the app. Deleting it and reinstalling it is the best tip I have.

  4. TB

    It seems like when you turn forwarding off it doesn’t rennet the last number you forwarded to if you want to turn it back on. Bummer.

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