Yes, Analog Is Still a Big Deal, Enter the AudioCodes MediaPack 1288

It’s a new world, it’s a new model, SIP is king and Unified Communications has supplanted standalone telephony.  We are always connected, we have endless choice for effective communication,  we can start large video conferences from a disposable device in our pockets, we live in the future.  So why am I so excited about this new high density analog gateway from AudioCodes?

In a perfect world, analog would be dead, but we live in the real world with legacy processes EmergencyLight
and systems that need to be brought forward.  Large enterprises, higher education, healthcare, and other organizations still have analog needs that need to be filled in a UC world.  Imagine a university campus filled with emergency blue light call boxes, press a button and you’re on the line with police.  That’s analog. Imagine rooms upon rooms filled with hospitality phones that are extremely costly to replace or have no good SIP equivalent.  More analog.  Until now, the high density analog options for Skype for Business or Lync were rough.  The biggest supported gateway had a mere 24 ports.  Sure, you could maintain many gateways but the complexity multiplies.  It sadly came up that maintaining a trunk to a legacy TDM system was often a reasonable answer.

But finally we have a new option, the AudioCodes MediaPack 1288.  This 3U device can start with 144 analog FXS ports and scale to 216 or 288 depending on the number of line-cards (up to 4) added.  Each of those line cards has three 50-pin champ connectors which can connect to a punch down block or an RJ11 adaptor.  For those emergency phones, it supports long haul connections over 4 and a half miles (your ethernet cable won’t make it).   When you’re used to stacking gateways and maintaining multiple routes, this unit means the world.

For fun, here’s a sneak peek at the unit below with a single line-card. I have to make this clear, this picture is unofficial and the look may change by GA, meaning yours might look a bit different.


If you’re looking for more info, AudioCodes’ site has the specs:

2 thoughts on “Yes, Analog Is Still a Big Deal, Enter the AudioCodes MediaPack 1288

  1. James Arber

    This, So much this.
    So many admins dismiss the analog as an afterthought. There are just so many devices still using analog that replacing with Ethernet is just not an option.

    I’m in the midst of a rollout now where during the audit stage we requested several times information on the analog solution only to be told it was “totally separate” from the incumbent PBX as they were already SIP and had analog lines specifically for the purpose.

    I’m installing an M1000 today to kick off the POC and what do I find in the rack? a Cisco VG248 (48 FXS ports) running a whole bunch of Fax machines, Lets not forget that the Cisco VG248 is officially EOL

    Door/gate phones are another good example of where some ancient cabling that is only a single pair is run to each device. Yes there are SIP equivalents, but they require tons of power (802.3at not af), are complex, need an ethernet run that isnt too long because of the PoE voltage loss as well as the 200m ethernet limit

    1. C. Anthony Caragol Post author

      Absolutely… I just completed a discovery for someone using “dead simple” hosted VoIP. Thought it would be a slam dunk. They neglected to mention 50-some analog lines that I’ll have to now tone and track down, all flowing through this Internet based hosted VoIP.


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