Skype for Business iOS is Available! Calm Down.

The Skype for Business iOS app was released this morning to much fanfare… I’m as excited as anyone, however I had to calm down a bit as I quickly realized some critical features that I used regularly with the Lync 2013 app using didn’t make it into the RTM version.  This is somewhat of an issue because the Skype version is an update that replaces the Lync 2013 version, there’s no going back and there’s no running them in parallel.


Some of the most notable features missing are:

  • There is no option to set call forwarding settings.
  • There is no option to transfer a call.
  • You cannot view PowerPoint presentations unless within a desktop sharing session.
  • No group IMs.

These shortcomings are outlined here and will hopefully be addressed soon:

Futhermore, other issues have been spotted such as the client automatically adding a +1 (or +whatever your country code) and are mentioned here:

I’ve personally been seeing miscellaneous crashes as well, though to be fair, many of my apps have been crashing since upgrading to iOS9, so I can’t say this is Skype related for certain.  Still, because of the official issues referred to in the article, I’ve been advising helpdesks to notify their users to hold off on the update if any of these features will cause a serious hindrance to their work.  If these features don’t affect you, it’s a pretty cool app and I’m excited to have it finally on my phone.


2 thoughts on “Skype for Business iOS is Available! Calm Down.

  1. Arbar

    Things I do not like about the new S4B iOS App (v 6.0)

    1. Still no persistent chat (chat room) support
    2. Server side history sync requires Exchange 2013 with S4B integration (will my S4B hosting partner support this with my on premise Exchange??)
    3. History as the primary display
    4. Icon order: Meetings, Dialer, Contacts are in the reverse order from the desktop client
    5. Contact Presence:
    a. No longer shows ‘time away’ (just ‘Away’ , not ‘Away 2 hours’)
    b. No longer shows ‘Mobile’ for contacts using the mobile app
    c. Still doesn’t show ‘Location’ as entered in the desktop app
    6. Still does not show pictures when using URL option (the only option our S4B hosting parter has enabled for us).
    a. Removed the option to disable picture display
    7. Missed Calls/IMs Badge (# in red circle)
    a. Called received by both the desktop and mobile, but answered on the desktop result in a missed message badge on the iOS device. This increments during the day as you work from your desktop. This was true of the Lync 2013 app as well, but with the Lync 2013 app, just viewing the history tab on the app would clear the badge. With the S4B app, simple viewing the history tab does not clear the badge. You have to OPEN EACH and EVERY bold (supposedly missed) message, incrementing the missed call badge number by one for each message until they are finally all gone and the red badge goes away.

    1. C. Anthony Caragol Post author

      🙂 Right there with you. I want to seemlessly transfer calls between mobile app, deskphone, and PC client. I feel that this could be accomplished with a fancy reuse of the call park option. Cisco guys ask if the app can do this regularly. Get a lot of fixed mobile convergence questions that are hard to answer with this version of the app.

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