Awarded MVP for Skype for Business 2015

It’s October 1st, and I am honored to (once again) be awarded as a Microsoft MVP for Skype for Business for 2015.  Reflecting on the last year, the biggest benefit of the program really has been the opportunity to meet and chat directly with people involved in the product group as well as the close comradery of the MVP community.  One of the most surprising things is simply how vocal the MVPs are about product issues and improvements that are needed, it’s not all a Microsoft love-fest like you might have imagined.  You should know that the MVPs are in your corner, standing in front of Microsoft, unashamedly pushing and fighting for many of the ideas seen on and  🙂  It’s not so surprising when you consider we’ve dedicated ourselves to the solution, are vendors and implementors, and are extremely passionate about what we do.


Update: the award hit has been received and unboxed.  New pin, new card, new plaque, more stickers, and the glass disk to fit on the existing award.  If you want to see what the first award looks like, click here.


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