Reminder: Quarterly Lync User Groups

This is your quarterly reminder that the US Lync Users Groups are coming up.

These are always fun and valuable, and a great place to network with your peers and make those relationships. ┬áVendors and local experts attend regularly as well so it’s a place to get those questions answered too!

Head over to and find your group on

  • July 15th – Los Angeles, CA
  • July 23rd – Chicago, IL
  • July 28th – Cincinnati, OH
  • July 28th – Nashville, TN
  • July 28th – Philadelphia, PA
  • July 30th – Silicon Valley, CA
  • August 4th – Atlanta, GA
  • August 6th – Charlotte, NC
  • August 10th – Milwaukee, WI
  • August 13th – Kansas City, MO
  • August 18th – Detroit, MI
  • August 25th- Portland, OR
  • August 27th – Baltimore, MD
  • August 27th- Boise, ID
  • August TBA – San Francisco, CA
  • August TBA- New York, NY
  • September 1st- Seattle, WA