QuickTip: Changing Lync/Skype Dial Timeouts on VVX Phones

This question has come up from my clients and I’ve seen it on TechNet now as well so I thought I’d share a portion of a config to alter the timeout values on VVX phones for Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business.

With Lync Phone Edition, such as found on the Polycom CX-line of phones, the timeout is hardcoded and cannot be changed.  However, the VVX and other 3PIP (third party IP) phones are more flexible in this regard.

There are two time settings you’ll need to set, on-hook and off-hook.  On-hook simply means the handset is still physically “hung up” on the phone base.  The on-hook time  can be configured with the dialplan.userDial.timeOut parameter.  Off-hook means you’re holding the handset, and that value can be configured with the dialplan.1.lyncDigitmap.timeOut parameter.

The default for the VVX phone is 3.  To experiment with this and increase the value to 9 (long enough for the change to be noticeable, also long enough to drive your users crazy) copy the below config contents in a file called LyncTimeout.cfg.  If you want to start with a different time, you can specify anything from 1 to 99.


Now, let’s upload that configuration to test it.  To do this, navigate to your phone’s web page, go to Utilities -> Import & Export Configuration.  Click choose file to find the file you just created and click Import.  Your phone will reboot and you can see the results.


If you’d like to deploy this to all phones or a subset, you can place the relevant portions in your shared.cfg file per Jeff’s blog: http://blog.schertz.name/2013/05/provisioning-polycom-sip-phones/

For other great Lync/VVX settings, check out Greig’s blog on optimising the VVX for Lync: https://greiginsydney.com/optimising-the-polycom-vvx-for-lync/

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