Lync is So 2014, Long Live Skype For Business!


It has now been publicly revealed, the next version of Lync, or Lync vNext, isn’t going to be Lync at all.  It’s going to be Skype for Business: and we can expect to see many exciting enhancements as the product lines draw closer together.

I personally am a bit torn, I’ve been with the product since the LCS days and cringe every time I see a name change.  This time around the name change brands it as a Skype product.  The icons and interface will have a somewhat similar look and feel as the Skype product.  That itself isn’t a bad thing, but while the products look the same and are branded the same, they are still (for now) distinct products.  My fear is that it’s going to be confusing to consumers when it’s time to download the client.   I expect “Which version of the client are you using?” is going to become one of our top troubleshooting questions.  I’m not overly concerned about the reaction of my clients, though I expect a few groans.

However, I also feel this needed to happen and I want to see the products have the ability to interact as closely as possible while remaining separate for security and compliance reasons.  I love the idea that Lync/Skype, a product that I believe in deeply and evangelize at every opportunity, will be huge and seamless across the business and consumer space.  I love hearing about the deep connectivity we can expect and am excited to show the new product off once I am able to.   Stay tuned as more details are revealed…

And now I can also reveal, this blog can be reached with 🙂 will always work, so will  Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts.