AudioCodes 400HD Phone Updates for Lync


AudioCodes HD Phones

Big update for AudioCodes phone users.  Version 2.0.7 has been announced today and works with the 400HD series of phones including the 420HD and 440HD we commonly see deployed.

The new enhancements are as follows:

  • Better Together Over Ethernet (BToE) is out of beta and now an officially supported.  AudioCodes implementation of this feature does not require that your computer is directly connected to the phone, which is a nice touch.  The feature is supported on Windows 7 and up at this time.
  • Boss/Admin Support is available on the 430HD and 440HD lines.
  • IP Phone Management Server is available if you run EMS (Element Management System). EMS is a management system for customers who have multiple AudioCodes products including SBCs, SBAs, IP phones and media gateways and want the best administrative experience for it.  If you don’t have EMS, you can still provision phones using DHCP Option 160 and configuration files.

Navigate to to get your copy of the new version and BToE software.

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