Reminder: Chicago UC Users Group (And San Fran, Detroit, Nashville…)

Just a reminder that the quarterly US Lync Users Groups are in full swing right now.  I’ll be attending the Chicago group this Thursday, July 24.  If you haven’t ever attended, I HIGHLY recommend going for the great presentations as well as the networking with other individuals excited about Microsoft Lync.  This isn’t some unorganized dry meeting either, it’s put together by some pretty heavy hitters in the Lync world.  Sorry, this post is a bit late if you’re in Cincinnati or LA, but for the rest of us head over to and find your group on  If you’re also headed to the Chicago one, come find me and say hi!

  • July 15th – Cincinnati, OH
  • July 16th – Los Angeles, CA
  • July 22nd – Philadelphia, PA
  • July 24th – Chicago, IL
  • July 24th – San Francisco, CA
  • July 29th – Detroit, MI
  • July 29th – Nashville, TN
  • July 29th – Silicon Valley, CA
  • July 31st – Atlanta, GA
  • July 31st – Milwaukee, WI
  • August 4th – Portland, OR
  • August 5th – Seattle, WA
  • August 7th – New York, NY
  • August 8th – Boise, ID
  • August 13th – Charlotte, NC