How To Become a Lync MCM When You Can’t

As you may know, late last year Microsoft decided to kill the Microsoft Certified Master programs.  It was a sad and shocking announcement.  These programs were the pinnacle of Microsoft Certification and those who made it through were and are still known to be the best of the best.  There are always rumblings of resurrection, but until then I decided to reach out to Bhargav Shukla to get his thoughts on pushing Lync knowledge to the next level.  Bhargav had achieved not only the Exchange MCM, but the Lync MCM as well and had even been asked to teach:

Other than heavy field experience and a love of TechNet, I asked him what insights he could give me into the curriculum.  Knowing that the program itself is owned by Microsoft and NDA, here’s what he could tell me:

“All the content is available in public forums in some form. Look for TechEd and Lync Conference session recordings delivered by Lync COE and Lync PG (Bryan Nyce, Scott Stubberfield among other respected speakers).”

“While the content may not be same as delivered at MCM, it does come close to the level you would expect at MCM”

“One thing we will never be able to replace unless Microsoft brings the program back in some form is interactions with experts and peers (who also are experts trying to be better), for 3 dedicated weeks.”

Clearly nothing will easily replace being in the same room as the best of your peers for three weeks straight, but that won’t stop us from being the best we can be now.  The conference session recordings Bhargav references are specifically the 300 and 400 level Lync presentations which can be found at Channel9.

Links to the 2014 conferences directly are here:


2 thoughts on “How To Become a Lync MCM When You Can’t

  1. Steve

    One of the biggest benefits was to meet other Lync gurus. No exam or video can replace that.

    1. C. Anthony Caragol Post author

      I agree 100%. Still, those of us who are lucky have our user groups and there’s always Twitter to build up that network and keep up to date. We’ve also got TechEd and the Lync conference where we can meet up. I’m fortunate enough to be in Chicago near a few guys who have been through it as well as some serious MVPs.

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