Lync Response Groups and Agent Anonymity

Today I wanted to talk a bit about an apparently very little known feature of Lync response groups, Agent Anonymity.  I’ve seen this pop up as a feature request many times and it’s just not well understood.  In a nutshell, there’s a way to configure a response group so that members can selectively mask their outbound caller ID as the response group.  This is similar to delegate calling and how multiline appearances or MADNs have traditionally been handled in Lync before some of the newer multiple line phones existed.  To configure this, simply check the enable agent anonymity box in the RGS Workflow.


When a user who’s a member of this response group attempts to make a call with their Lync client, they can now select who to make the call as.  This is often preferable to caller id masking for 100% of their calls.  You can see in the picture below, I’m also set up as a delegate for “Anthony’s Boss” and have the option to make the call as that person as well.  This functionality works best with the Lync client and the better together experience paired with a desk phone.  Unfortunately, making these calls solely through a Lync Phone Edition (LPE) device without starting the call via soft client isn’t yet available.  There is hope however, delegate calling is available directly on newer versions of some Polycom VVX phones without the need for pairing, though as of this writing that is only for delegate calling, not for agent anonymity.



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