Using Lync Audio in an RDP Session

Why? Why would you want to use audio for Lync in an RDP session? Well, many reasons, for me I want to make a test call to watch QoS markings to a tiny office without getting on a flight. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily work out of the box. Here’s a tip that will help you.

First, when you connect, make sure that your local resources in the RDP client allow for both audio playback and audio recording as seen in the following screenshot.


However, you can’t stop here.  By default in Windows 7 and 2008 R2 you’ll find that the remote workstation/server will report that there’s no audio recording device available, even if it plays back sound and you can here it.  That’s because audio recording redirection is disabled by default, and you’ll need a registry hack (or GPO) to get it going.  As seen in this article, we need to change the value of  HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\fDisableAudioCapture to 0 (that’s a zero).   Almost immediately, you should be able to record audio, however you might need to bounce the Lync client.




4 thoughts on “Using Lync Audio in an RDP Session

  1. chaz

    Hi , just saw this but you talk of lync not necessarily skype for business. I did the registry change as describes , cycled skype client but it still says “we didn’t find an audio device which you need for calling” bla bla bla when I click tools -> audio device . Yet my speaker icon says remote audio, and it plays accros my rdp session . So conclusion is s4b isn’t working like lync in this regard .

    1. C. Anthony Caragol Post author

      Sorry, yeah… I haven’t touched this one in a while. VDI has made HUGE strides and I’ve seen amazing things without a plugin even.

    2. Smith

      Have you found solution for working with skype for bussiness?
      I have this trouble as well. Record device couldn’t be linked … 🙁

      1. C. Anthony Caragol Post author

        No, I haven’t looked in a while, but this seems to not work well for me anymore on Windows 10. Let me know if you come up with something.

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