Why can’t Lync do it?

There may be a great answer, there are many things Lync doesn’t do and it’s part of the intentional design.  It may be to avoid stepping on third party toes, or it may be to keep the administrative experience simplified, or perhaps it’s not as technically simple as it appears on the surface.  But maybe you have a great idea and you want to get it to Microsoft.  What about a Lync bug report?  How do you submit a Lync feature request?  What do you do?  I always suggest starting with your Microsoft representative first.  Second?  Unfortunately there’s not a great official channel, however there is IdeaScale.  IdeaScale has been known to be frequented by Microsoft and as such it’s our best go-to at this time.

However, if it’s not a bug, but an interesting feature request, have you considered creating an add-on or utility?  Lync has an outstanding development community and platform.  Incidentally, if you do have a great idea, post it here in the comments, I might just develop it myself.