Multiple CDR Database Errors

If you’re looking at this, you probably have seen the LS Data Collection 56208 events all over your logs.  These can be numerous and ugly.

Insertion of an error report was throttled to prevent flooding of the Call Detail Recording (CDR) database.


Component: CDR Adaptor

Cause: This is an expected condition if too many error reports of the same type were reported at the same time.


No action is needed. A large enough number of error reports of this type have already been inserted into the database and can be used for troubleshooting and reporting. Additional errors are not inserted to avoid flooding of the database with redundant information.

You’re also wondering what to do about them.  Right now, there’s not much for you to do.  Fortunately it’s nothing to be concerned about.  It has been confirmed as a known issue.  We have heard that it may be escalated to make it into the an upcoming CU but until then, consider it a “noise event” and ignore it.