Quick Tip: Enabling All Exchange Based Users for Lync

Just a quick tip, I was at a client today that simply wanted to Lync enable all Exchange mail users.  The sip address should match the email address.  Nothing tough, nothing fancy.  I figured the easiest way to accomplish this was via PowerShell and by checking that the msExchRecipientTypeDetails parameter equals 1.  This attribute let’s us know that this is a user mailbox.  This worked pretty well so I’m leaving it here for my own reference as much as anything.

  • $mbxUsers=Get-ADUser -Filter {(msExchRecipientTypeDetails -eq 1)
  • Foreach ($m in $mbxUsers) {enable-csuser -identity $m.userPrincipalName -registrarpool frontendpool.domain.com -sipaddresstype emailaddress}