Quick Tip: Adding Ambiguous Users and Groups to Persistent Chat Rooms

Update: Before you take these steps, you need to ensure that the users you’re trying to add are actually enabled for persistent chat!  🙂  Check your Persistent Chat Policies to be sure.



When you need to add a user or group to a persistent chat room, be it a member or manager, it can be difficult to get the GUI to accept your entry at times.  This may be because it’s ambiguous, meaning there are users or groups sharing a similar display name, or plenty of potential other reasons.  You’ll see this reflected in the Invalid Members error as seen in the screenshot.


The trick to get around this is to use the user’s sip address to remove ambiguity, specify the user as sip:username@domain.com.  But to add more complex user and distributions group scenarios, you can also look to PowerShell.  Check out the Set-CsPersistentChatRoom command.  You can not only add by SIP address, but also with an LDAP like syntax:

Set-CsPersistentChatRoom -Identity “lyncpc.domain.com\chatroom” -Managers @{Add=”CN=mygroup,OU=Groups,DC=domain,DC=com”} -Members @{Add=”sip:acaragol@domain.com”, “sip:gbichar@domain.com”}

Check out this powerful PowerShell command here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj204801.aspx