New Skype Phone Number Assignment: Failed to Return Unique Result

This is a post that mostly serves as a PowerShell reminder to myself, but the long and short is that I had a client attempting to add a new user with a phone number that they believed wasn’t assigned anywhere.  They had run their favored scripts that list all numbers but were coming up short as to why Skype was blocking them from adding the user.

PS C:\Users\AnthonyCaragol\Desktop> .\Lync_Common_Area_Phone_Tool_v1_2.ps1
 New-CsCommonAreaPhone : Filter failed to return unique result, "[LineURI :
 tel:+16305551212] [PrivateLine : tel:+16305551212] "

As it turns out, and I can’t say how or why at this time (comment if you have a guess), but the account was removed from Lync at some point but the attributes were left behind.    In these situations, the commands I use to trace the line to a user object is as follows (where 5551212 is the number):

get-aduser -filter {msRTCSIP-Line -like "*5551212*"}
get-aduser -filter {msRTCSIP-PrivateLine -like "*5551212*"}

Update:  Jeff Brown has fought issues like this before as well, and has taken the fight right into the databases, see his encounter here –


3 thoughts on “New Skype Phone Number Assignment: Failed to Return Unique Result

    1. C. Anthony Caragol Post author

      Yes! Thank you. I’m always afraid of leaving orphaned objects in the DB so I’ve chickened out in this approach the one time I needed it, but it’s great to hear you were successful with it and we don’t need to fear.

      1. Jeff Brown

        Yes it did work out well. It was interesting to also search the ResourcePhone database and find where the duplicate numbers existed. Quite a frustrating problem when both the AD and Lync user were removed.

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