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New Virtual Skype for Business Users Group Starting August 3rd

I wanted to take a moment to help promote a new Skype for Business user’s group, and this one is open to everyone regardless of location.

Skype for Business MVPs Dustin Hannifin, Randy Wintle, and Adam Jacobs are starting up a brand new online only users group at  The kickoff meeting is on August 3rd at 9:00am Pacific (Microsoft) time and Microsoft’s own Jamie Stark will be presenting.  The event will be held via a Skype Broadcast Meeting, is scheduled to run about two hours, and you can easily register by going to the above link.

I reached out to the team to get a few more details:

  • Q) How often will the users group meet?
  • Dustin) As of right now we are planning once per quarter but of attendance is high we may try once per month.
  • Q) Who all is responsible for the running the group?
  • Dustin) Adam, Randy, and myself are getting things off the ground but I’m a user group purest in that I believe a user group is run by its members.  We will be asking for and needing additional help once we get things off the ground.
  • Q) Will there be vendor participation similar to in-person user’s groups?
  • Dustin) Vendors are always welcome. Our meetings have minimal cost.   We’re still working through when we might want paying sponsors.  The goal is to keep the focus on education and not sales pitches, but we also know that vendors are critical to the community and will always be welcome at our meetings.

Additionally, the site has an forum area where you can suggest and comment on topics you’d like to see discussed.

Finally, if you’re in an area that is served by an in-person user’s group and you’re wondering which to attend, I would suggest both!  In-person groups are invaluable for the social aspect and interaction as well as the ability to ask direct questions.   At the same time, the SkypeVUG group content is not aligned with any local group, offering distinct information and a fresh perspective.

If you haven’t stopped reading to join already, please go register at the link below.

Reminder: Quarterly Lync User Groups

This is your quarterly reminder that the US Lync Users Groups are coming up.

These are always fun and valuable, and a great place to network with your peers and make those relationships.  Vendors and local experts attend regularly as well so it’s a place to get those questions answered too!

Head over to and find your group on

  • July 15th – Los Angeles, CA
  • July 23rd – Chicago, IL
  • July 28th – Cincinnati, OH
  • July 28th – Nashville, TN
  • July 28th – Philadelphia, PA
  • July 30th – Silicon Valley, CA
  • August 4th – Atlanta, GA
  • August 6th – Charlotte, NC
  • August 10th – Milwaukee, WI
  • August 13th – Kansas City, MO
  • August 18th – Detroit, MI
  • August 25th- Portland, OR
  • August 27th – Baltimore, MD
  • August 27th- Boise, ID
  • August TBA – San Francisco, CA
  • August TBA- New York, NY
  • September 1st- Seattle, WA

New Tool Part 2: Skype for Business Call Forwarding Information Tool

As promised here:, I have released a separate version specifically for Skype for Business.

The purpose of this tool is to give you an easy front end GUI to review your Skype for Business call forwarding settings. Information such as Call Via Work, who’s a delegate of who, who’s got simultaneous ring set, etc. can be difficult to retrieve without a utility such as sefautil.  Sefautil in itself can be difficult. This tool allows you to review this information for all users in a pool in a GUI format that’s easily searchable, sortable, and filterable (Out-Gridview). It also allows you to save the information to a CSV file. The information is gathered by parsing data pulled using Export-CSUserData. No SQL calls are made and no data is written back into Lync.

2015-07-09 - Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.7

A quick description of the columns is below:

  • SIP Address:  The Skype for Business account’s sip address.
  • Call Via Work: Displays the current Call Via Work settings for the user.
  • Action: The action to be performed when a call comes in.
  • Applied During Work Hours: True or False based upon  if “During work hours set in Outlook” is set.
  • Forwarding To: Set if call forwarding is enabled.
  • Simultaneous Ring To: Set is simultaneous ring is enabled.
  • No Answer To: If there’s no answer, should voicemail be attempted or a custom number?
  • No Answer In Seconds: How many seconds until voicemail (or “No Answer To” setting) is attempted?
  • Seconds Until Delegate or Group Rings: This is the delay set until other delegates or a team group hear a ring.  This is to allow the recipient to answer the phone first.
  • All Delegates: This is a basic list of all of your delegates.
  • Delegates that Receive Calls: This is a list of the delegates for which the user has set the ability to receive their calls.
  • Team Group: A listing of users in the team-call group

The Action column will show some somewhat cryptic output.  There are a few fields you commonly see in there.  Changing your own forwarding settings and reviewing the output can help you learn what these mean (and help me find any bugs).  In the mean time here are a few to get you started:

  • Column is empty: Call forwarding is not set.
  • enablecf forward_immediate: Call forwarding is set.  Review the Forwarding To column.
  • forward_immediate (without enablecf): Typically forward directly into voicemail.
  • enablecf (no forward_immediate): Typically means a custom forward on no answer exists.  Review the No Answer To column.
  • simultaneous_ring: Simultaneous ring is set up, review the Simultaneous Ring To column.
  • work_hours: “During work hours set in Outlook” is set.
  • delegate_ring forward_audio_app_invites: Simultaneously ring the delegates.
  • delegate_ring forward_audio_app_invites skip_primary: Forward to the delegates.
  • team_ring: Simultaneously ring the team group

If you’re not familiar with Out-GridView, the GUI portion that allows you to sort and filter, it’s simple to use.  Click on a column heading to sort, and to filter, click the Add criteria button and list your settings.  For example, if you wanted to find out every user that had Abraham Lincoln listed as a delegate, you could Add the criteria “All Delegates”, set it to contains, and add a portion of Honest Abe’s SIP address.


To run the tool, just download it from the link below, run it from a Skype for Business Management Shell.  If you have any questions, find any bugs, or anything else, the best place to ask is in the TechNet gallery.  Thank you and I hope you find it useful!

FYI: Chrome/Lync/Skype Meeting Join Experience Patched

I don’t typically like to blog about things that I feel are well documented or blogged about already, however Scott Stubberfield has blogged about a huge one related to patching the broken Chrome experience with Lync web meetings and I want to ensure my readers are aware of it too.  If you are having difficulty with Chrome clients being directed to the Lync Web App instead of launching the client, make sure you’re running the most recent updates and please go read Scott’s blog on the subject: