Blync for Lync Review

Today I wanted to take a break to review the Blync light. We’ve been running these in our office for a long time now.   In a nutshell, it’s a little USB light for Microsoft Lync 2013 or 2010. You can see in the picture that’s it’s a 1.75 inch cube (technically 45mm) that changes colors based upon your presence. We also use the Kuando Busylight in our organization, however in terms of size, the light is a bit larger on this one making it easier to spot across the room.


It’s got a nice purple glow when Do-Not-Disturb is set as you can see, which I like because it’s easy to distinguish from “busy” from a distance. The other colors are the red, yellow, and green you’d expect. You have the option to have it flash when on a call, but it only seemed to flash for me when I was on a soft client call, not when I was in a call from a non-paired Lync phone. That may have been a user error on my part. Still, for our sales team the blinking is huge because they’re big headset users and it can be difficult when walking past to know if they’re listening to someone talk on the phone, or sitting patiently hoping I come up to pester them. It’s got a simple little app to install making it easy for anyone to deploy, and a simple little set of features to change as seen in the screenshot.

2014-06-16 14_09_01-Configure Blync

In terms of Blync vs. the Kuando Busylight, I’d say the winner depends on what you’re looking for as they’re not exactly the same.  If you only care about the light, then Blync is easier to spot from a distance and is a clear winner.  However the Busylight has additional features such as busy-on-busy which may make a better option for you. All in all, I recommend this unit highly and to prove it you’ll find these all over our offices.   They can be found here if you’d like more information:


Finally, you’ve got to love this little sign by the folks at Blync for educating your colleagues about your new Blync light: