Which Lync Phone Do I Use?

I took this picture of my desk this morning because I realize it’s gotten a bit out of hand.   I have a lot of phones lying around for testing and demo purposes and to be honest, I’ll recommend different phones and vendors for different purposes.  Sometimes I’m asked which is my personal favorite despite my stated recommendation, or what do I use the most?  Right now, that’s the VVX500 seen in the picture with the sidecar (Polycom VVX Color Expansion Model), but I just picked up an AudioCodes 440HD which I’m playing with.  The CX600 has been a solid workhorse and a long favorite, but the VVX is currently beating that one out.  Stay tuned for more information on the 440HD as I get it know it.  Please keep in mind that this just my personal phone, there are many vendors to choose from that I can vouch for and it will depend on your firm’s needs.


There are nine phones in that picture, more are in the desk.  I’m also asked what headset I prefer while on the road, we’ll save that for another time.