Quick Tip: Small Known Issue With Lync PowerShell and Windows 2012 R2

We’ve seen this on a few different Windows Server 2012 R2 deployments.  You’ve installed Lync Server 2013 and when you start the Lync Server Management Shell it just sits there, blank.  Do we need a picture for this blog to illustrate?  Yes.


This is pretty much a known issue.  The workaround I’ve found is to simply open a regular PowerShell first.  I’ll type a test command in there such as get-service to make sure it’s working.  Once that’s open you have a few options, you can run Lync PowerShell commands directly from there.  You can run “import-module lync” if it makes you feel better, but Lync commands should work automatically.  Or, you should be able to just open your Lync Server Management Shell now.  You should be fine until the next login.  I’m sure this one will be fixed soon, and it doesn’t always seem to occur, but for now chalk it up to minor annoyance and not something you’ve misconfigured.