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Red X in Topology Builder When Trying To Enable Conferencing

You’ve built out your Lync 2013 Front End pool, but didn’t enable conferencing the first time around.  Now when you go to enable it, you see a red X near your OK button and you’re stuck.


Oh no!  All you wanted to do was turn conferencing on.  What’s going on?  Here’s a tip, if you hover over that red X, the Lync topology builder will tell you what’s wrong.


In this case, we’re told “You must select an Office Web Apps Server. “.  When you scrolled down a moment ago, that OWA selection option wasn’t available.  Well, when you clicked the conferencing button, the option slipped in quietly.  Let’s scroll down again.


There it is.  That’s why we can’t click OK.  You can either select your Office Web Apps pool or uncheck the button to associate the pool with the OWAS/WAC server. You should now be able to click OK and publish.

In case you’re curious, yes, this blog post is based upon personal experience.  🙂  I have been working with Lync, OCS, and LCS for years but never bothered to simply hover over the red X.

Quick Tip: Enabling All Exchange Based Users for Lync

Just a quick tip, I was at a client today that simply wanted to Lync enable all Exchange mail users.  The sip address should match the email address.  Nothing tough, nothing fancy.  I figured the easiest way to accomplish this was via PowerShell and by checking that the msExchRecipientTypeDetails parameter equals 1.  This attribute let’s us know that this is a user mailbox.  This worked pretty well so I’m leaving it here for my own reference as much as anything.

  • $mbxUsers=Get-ADUser -Filter {(msExchRecipientTypeDetails -eq 1)
  • Foreach ($m in $mbxUsers) {enable-csuser -identity $m.userPrincipalName -registrarpool -sipaddresstype emailaddress}