Quick Tip: One-Off Call Recording Solution for Lync

So you have a user wants to occasionally be able to record their Lync 2010 or Lync 2013 calls.  You need to know the cheapest and best solution.

Of course, the cheapest solution isn’t the best, and the best solution isn’t the cheapest.  So let’s talk about three options.

1) The free solution, Lync can natively record conference calls.  Inviting a third party “dummy” account to your call can enable this for you.  This works well if it’s rare that a call needs to be recorded, but can be a bit cumbersome.  I won’t go too deep into how to do this, but here’s an article for reference: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/lync-help/record-and-play-back-a-lync-meeting-HA102809287.aspx

2) The very cheap solution (unless it’s for many many people), third party software that is installed on the client.  The windows sound recorder won’t always do the trick, but there are other options that will.  Free or very cheap software can be found, it can record peer to peer calls, and it’s completely controlled by the user.  These tools are more easily found by performing a web search for “Skype recording” than by searching for Lync, but they’re effectively the same.  The downside is that this works for soft client initiated calls, not calls that could be made on a non-paired Lync phone.  A couple options that seem to work well:



3) Finally, there’s AudioCodes SmartTAP.  This is a beautiful solution, but is more of an always-on solution at the time of this writing.  I would put this in the best category, but it’s going to cost a bit more than the cheap software above due to the much more sophisticated feature set.  This is the solution you’ll want to investigate if you have a call center or need to record calls regardless of the endpoint.  This software can be completely virtualized and run right alongside your Lync infrastructure.

More information on SmartTAP can be found here: http://www.audiocodes.com/products/smarttap-call-recording-solution

Of course, before allowing any of your users to record any conversation, make sure that they’re well aware of the laws in place around voice and video recording and that they’re notifying all parties on the call as required.


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